About Us


This is a grass roots, automotive enthusiast website that is constructed simply as a place of refuge for the millions of Americans who want to enjoy and protect their automotive rights and liberties. On a daily basis, environmental law makers are authoring new legislation and secretly implementing non-reversible laws that attack our rights as Americans to enjoy a major part of American history and culture. It seems that all across this great nation of ours, people awaken to find yet one more restriction we have to face, with simply no idea of who, what, or where this new law(s) has developed, and without our consent.

We at NOGREENAUTOLAWS.COM want to voice our concerns and oppose the environmental law makers’ agenda that, in generations to come, will have successfully outlawed the conventional internal combustion engine propelled vehicles. For decades, we have been told that the use of our automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and marine vessels are the sole cause for the global destruction of our massive planet. Thousands of scientists across the world have been attempting to voice their concerns about the radical environmental movement. Sadly, their voices are never allowed in the mainstream media and press. These scientists are producing evidence on a daily basis that disprove the unchallenged hoaxes that mankind is in control of the earth’s temperature. The GREEN movement is becoming a fixture of our daily lives, with virtually no opposition.

NOGREENAUTOLAWS.COM is for the automotive enthusiast who does NOT want to subscribe to the GREEN movement. On this site, you can voice, display, and PROUDLY wear your opposition to the very radical and dangerous environmental agenda that threatens our automotive liberties.